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Making tsa tsa

For two years the Kauai Buddhist community came together to make plaster miniature stupas called tsa tsa to fill the hollow interior of the stupa. 


From 2006 to 2008 the Kauai Buddhist community led by Lama Tashi helped make 6,000 tsa tsa to place in the center of the stupa.  These objects are little stupas themselves with their own prayers embedded in their insides.  They were made using architectural plaster poured into silicone molds.  As the plaster hardened, short sticks of incense wrapped with prayers were inserted.  When dried the tsa tsa were painted red and yellow.  


It was an arts and crafts project that young and old could join in, a wonderful way to build community, knowing that we were all working towards the sacred act of creating a stupa.


Pictures tell the story.

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