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Chiang Mai, Thailand

This northern Thai city was once a capital of the old Lanna dynasty, with its heyday in the 15th Century. Its history is wrapped up in the drama of its relations with surrounding Thai and Burmese kingdoms, with Ming China demanding tributes for a period.…

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Solo Journeys

While writing about pilgrimage experiences in previous posts (Pilgrimage, Pilgrimage II), I was struck by how personal the process is. We may join others in pilgrimage, but we are following our own path. At its heart this is a solo journey. Traveling alone is a…

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Craving to Connect

Traveling in Burma, you are constantly confronted by people who are reaching out to connect with you.  This country has been isolated so long, and has been impoverished to such a degree, that everyone is hungry for basic information and news of a better life. …

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Mrauk U, Burma

Currently a quiet backwater, Mrauk U was once a powerful Rakhaing capital for 354 years, from 1430 to 1784. In its heyday it served as a free port trading with the Middle East, Asia, Holland, Portugal and Spain. From a Dutch traveler we have an…

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Ayuthaya Stupa Love

This post is travel advice on exploring stupas/chedis, prangs and wats in Ayuthaya. I’d give your visit two or three days. With an adventuresome spirit and no hills, you can bicycle the relatively short distances with ease.  Nothing like the freedom to come and go,…

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