Kauai Peace Park

The Kauai Peace Park

The Tibetan Peace Park on Kauai was consecrated February 19, 2009.   This marks the completion of the first great effort for the foundation. Five stupas, a circular mani wall with 84 prayer wheels, and a Tara shrine are the primary focus.  Around the central stupa, numerous concentric walkways guide the practitioner around the park.

The Kauai Peace Park continues to draw people on a daily basis and is a place of inspiration for residents and tourists alike.  Please come and visit this sacred place, and see what The Dharma Sanctuary and its many volunteers have created. This installation is the basis for an ongoing project to build more Peace Parks in the West.  Read more about this effort.

The Dedication

The 17 foot high central marble stupa honors the lineage of the Venerable Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche. Since the 1970’s, his two devoted students, Lama Karma Rinchen of Kagyu Thegchen Ling in Oahu, and the late Lama Tenzin of Karma Rimay Osal Ling of Maui have contributed greatly to establishing the Buddhadharma on all the Hawaiian islands.  Today, Lama Tempa of Oahu and Lama Gyaltsen of Maui continue the tradition.

The Volunteers

Along with Lama Karma Rinchen who supervised the installation, many individuals contributed their efforts in making tsa tsa and other sacred objects to fill the stupas. Foremost were members of the Kauai Dharma Center, guided by the western Lama Tashi.

A Visual Record of the Project

View 11 different slide shows below: