Why The Fall?

Why The Fall?

the-fall-from-paradiseThe mythological stories of Creation, Paradise, and the Fall have always charmed me. Having adopted the Saturn myth as a personal belief, I now can see the evidence for a past physical paradise and a human experience that was completely different than the one we have today. I used to envision it as a primitive nature bound reality, a sort of stoned out good life of early man in his hammock. Lately, I am seeing something else – an incredibly accomplished human experience with spiritual technologies we moderns can hardly dream of.

If we look back at prehistory and imagine what might have existed prior to the Egyptian dynasties, back to the first time, we are led to human accomplishments and capabilities that seem otherworldly. Many cultures worldwide have a common story of man having a luminous undying body, with the ability to fly, and to communicate with animals in telepathy. We are only beginning to unravel this incredible tale and to question how this might have been possible. If we look deep enough, I trust we will recover an understanding.

Though I love the imagery and feelings of what this exalted Paradise might have been like, I am most fascinated by the Fall. I am living in a time when the Fall is ever so much in evidence and I want to understand how it came to be so.

What was it that ended the good times? Was it happenstance, or did we bring it on? Did we do something wrong to get kicked out of the garden?

Some traditions tell us that the Fall was due to having eaten from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, but I don’t buy that. I think they have that backwards – it’s mostly ignorance that is the problem.

I think it’s something deeper.

According to most myth and religious interpretation, the Fall came about due to some human transgression or failure. Most traditions see its original cause as a temptation that man willfully engaged in, choosing a path of error and corruption.

What was this indulgence that led man away from his higher station? And what was this higher station? I believe that once upon a time we humans lived a very different life and were engaged in a planet wide culture of high enlightenment. We were like gods, in that we were full partners in Creation.

I believe that the Fall from this god-like state, wherein we were in a partnership with Creation or the Godhead, was in our becoming lost in fascination with the fruit of this activity.

In my understanding, the Edenic apple or the forbidden fruit, represents the world of form that was highly developed by us – a type of apogee of human experience. We were wise, compassionate masters of the game of life, and we did great things and created wonders. In these elaborate and perfected forms that we created, we sought a reflection of our accomplishment. The manifestation of these forms was not the problem, but only in how we began to relate to them. We saw our beloved third dimensional form-thought as a mark of our esteemed self-image, and developed an irresistible source of pride.

The desire for this self-reflection and attachment to it led to our Fall. This was the initial cause of our separation from our previous god-like stature. Our desire to look into the mirror and see ourselves led us away from god-like consciousness. Our transcendent capabilities in helping steer the cosmos collapsed with our myopic fixation on ourselves and our creations. The desire to own the world of form led to our downfall, as we forgot our original compact with God. We lost our way.

God abandoned us as a fallen partner, and we were reduced in our qualities and abilities. Since this original displacement, we have descended further and further, and life has become more difficult. With remove from our earlier exalted state, sorrow has increased and the longing to be reunited deepened. Sadly, over time this recall has diminished and replaced with forgetfulness, leading to our current self-created prisons of skin encapsulated ego. Nowadays many people have no collective memory of a time when we were a god-like creature, and further no idea of why a Fall from a previous grace may have happened.

All archaic cultures look back to this first time as one of perfection. This looking back in appreciation and longing has today been replaced by a reverse view – that we are in ascension as a culture. This has only come about through our near total amnesia of our human and planetary past.

However, despite the loss of most of our memory, and our delusion that we are so much smarter than our ancestors, maybe we are indeed building up toward some greater knowledge. Perhaps we are gaining in skill at putting the pieces of the puzzle back together. The haziness of our forgetfulness is burning off, and we are beginning to see all the terrible bargains we have made with both ourselves and others that brought on the darkness of this material age.

In this final iron age of debasement we may have reached a type of reverse apex, having been fully occluded from our original natures. Many of us are now returning to an understanding and hopefully a re-experiencing of what Paradise is or was, remembering the various aspects that contributed to such a time of perfection.

We have a long way to go, as we are only beginning this process. Much has been covered up, and our memories repressed. We can only hope that we will be successful in our return voyage, with more and more people waking up all the time.

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  1. Stephen Ferguson

    My understanding of the state of humanity – prior to the breakup of the polar planetary configuration in the age of Leo – is one of superior knowledge and intellect to ours. Humanity was so mentally advanced that there was no need for writing, as they all had varying degrees of access to what we call the collective mind.

    The ancients wrote of our minds being composed of three parts, i.e. , logical, emotional and spiritual. The Spiritual mind sees by the light of the Spiritual Sun. They stated that the Spiritual mind would degrade since the Spiritual Sun (the polar planetary configuration) had set in the age of Leo when the Moon was full. Presently, at a half Great Cycle since Leo, the Moon has now waned to New Moon and we are in deep spiritual darkness. By Moon I mean the Spiritual Moon who’s rhythm the bodies of our females follow.

    The fall of Man is caused by Spiritual Darkness due to the lack of Spiritual Light. The ancients left us the information of the cyclical nature of our consciousness. We are in the Cosmic Night and the atrocities being committed are being influenced by evil spiritual beings that we cannot see as the spiritual light to illuminate them is gone. This is why the ancient ancestors prayed to come forth into the Light.

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