Debt Enslavement System

Debt Enslavement System

These days, many discussions in the mainstream and alternative news are concerned with financial matters.  All eyes are on the curious descent of our western economies into a muddled mess. It is obvious that the system is faltering.  The reasons for this are varied.

At the center of it all are crushing debt loads, both personal and governmental.  How did we get into this position?  The easy answer is that we overspent and we didn’t take in enough income to pay for our expenses.  We were able to borrow money to cover the lack of income, hoping that in the future we would earn enough money to pay back our creditors and find our way back into the black.  We didn’t have to curtail our spending to match our income, because we could delay the day of reckoning by borrowing money at interest.

Well, this plan hasn’t worked – we have spent ourselves into some kind of oblivion. We are in hock to the moneylenders. Everywhere we look there are monstrous debt loads on which the interest payments are so large that they consume most of the working capital needed for individuals and governments to operate.

This cannot continue.  We are in a death spiral. Cutting back operations in order to pay the interest on our debt hobbles the whole enterprise.  Such austerity only leads to one outcome: the diminishment and eventual loss of lifeblood to keep the endeavor alive.  Not only the host dies, but the creditors don’t get paid.  Follow this all the way through and you end up with a complete dismemberment of society.

As mentioned, the easy explanation is our profligacy – we overspent and must pay a heavy price for our excess. However, this view misses a fundamental point.  Underlying the accumulated debt is a system that was put into place to create this outcome.  For some reason, this is something that few people seem able to address.  It is a system that is so entrenched that most take it for granted, as if there are no other options.

This is the greatest error – to look at the symptoms of the money crisis and not at the root of what is causing it.  Somehow, we have become either stupid or amnesic, and don’t recall how we got into this situation.  The all-important subject of money creation and its management for the public good has for some reason escaped the understanding of the populace.  Americans used to have an understanding in earlier times when there was a more equal balance of power between government and the people.  The people knew that the Money Masters, the elite bankers and their political cohorts, were always one step away from instituting their debt slavery system. The history of this struggle in America is well documented.  Andrew Jackson, in his review of his presidency, spoke that his greatest accomplishment was “killing the bank,” meaning the ending of the private cartel that controlled the printing of money loaned to the U.S. government. Indeed, the original American Republic was formed in large part to throw off the shackles of this same system that the British used to hold power over the colonies.

Unfortunately, the Money Masters prevailed yet again in 1913 with the formation of the privately owned Federal Reserve.  In the last 100 years we have labored under this fiat money system, and the end result of this fiasco is near at hand.  The dollar has lost 95% of its value over this time through inflating the currency away.  Debt levels have soared and the banking families that have an iron grip over their central bank money printing machines have vacuumed up much of the productive assets of the nation.

Many people don’t realize that this type of monetary system is a human enslavement system thought up by wealthy conniving men a long time ago. Throughout history, it is alternately running the show or threatening to take over the show.  In our times it is so thoroughly running the show that we have forgotten that we ever had a struggle with it.  It has become so endemic to our lives that most people can’t even identify it as an issue.

Fortunately, the Internet Reformation is bringing it back into the spotlight.  However, the hour is late. This fiat money system that few people understand is quickly reaching its end game.  There is a natural progression that it is following.  All previous fiat regimes, also known as Ponzi schemes, have ended the same way – collapse. Historically, to cover their tracks and institute a new regime from the ashes of the failed system, the elite propel the population into a war.  This is what is currently underway.

Unfortunately for society, many people don’t care, aren’t interested, don’t understand, are out to lunch or on their cell phones.

The jury is still out whether the population will wake up, connect the dots and take action.  The issue is so large, so seemingly impossible to do anything about, that I imagine for most people it is so overwhelming that they just choose to walk away and ignore the subject.

My personal belief is that in all matters of life, whether societal or individual, there is a tipping point.  If enough people come to an understanding, then the body politic will shift.  It is not a case of having to go out and demonstrate or brandish a gun.  The awareness seeps into everyday, and then somehow the awakening happens when enough people have a common knowledge (and speak out to inform others).


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  1. Alexandre Bender

    I have read a little article about US Federal Reserve Bank.
    Beforehand I thought that it was a bank owned by US Government and I suspect now that most of people think like I did.
    It’s a shame to keep feeding eternally those banks and owner families with money that should be applied to other areas of necessities.
    Someday this will change and a clear and fair system will prevail over the money vultures.

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