Prepping Continued

Prepping Continued

Prepping involves more than securing our physical well-being in the event of social disruption.  It is also a psychological exercise in readying ourselves for possible changes to our normal way of living.  The two go hand in hand.

I suppose we could mentally prepare for change and do nothing to secure our physical safety, and we could compulsively hoard survival gear without knowing why, but for most people it’s a hand in glove, step by step process in coming to grips with survival issues.

How do we position ourselves to deal with possible grave changes to our lives?

Humanity is at a crossroads. We now see that planetary resources are finite and the carrying capacity of the earth has a limit. We are quickly fouling our nest in our rapacious consumption of material goods. All of earth’s ecosystems are under stress. Competition among humans for scarce resources is leading to increased conflict and wars.

Alongside this development, our worldwide financial system of fiat paper money and fractional reserve lending is controlled by a powerful oligarchy through its central banking monopoly. It has led to a Ponzi pyramid of insurmountable debt and false credit that is teetering and soon to default.  It is another system that is reaching the apex of its carrying capacity.

As the consolidation of power continues through such money manipulation and resource depletion, governments and corporations are racing ahead to garner more control over the populace.  This is leading to another type of struggle as fascist government arises in opposition to the natural will of the people wishing to maintain their liberties. A full surveillance police state is emerging. A confrontation is in store.

These three developments – planetary degradation, money failure, and social power struggle are all linked.  Never before have humans come up against such an array of odds on such a worldwide scale. It all adds up to a massive cathartic shift waiting to happen.  How will it transform?  Will it descend into chaos and result in a degraded human experience?  Or is there something on the other side of this change that could result in a positive outcome?

Preparing ourselves mentally for this change is not just girding ourselves to withstand the onslaught of an overturned world, but to be open to a new paradigm that could emerge.  Humankind seems to be waking up to its conditioned existence, and the old levers of power are being unmasked through the Internet Reformation. People are tired of insular governments that serve themselves, instead of the people.  The hidden oligarchies, the Money Masters behind it all are being revealed as the evil conspirators that they are.

With these revelations, and a collapse of the old system, it is possible that this ancient control mechanism over humanity may no longer dominate.  If the body politic becomes informed to a great enough degree, humanity as a whole could take charge of its destiny and no longer be ruled by this minority cabal of sociopaths.

It is clear that two diametrically opposed futures are possible for humanity. The first is quite clearly seen in the current headlong rush by The Powers That Be to seize full control over the population and to institute a type of gulag system. This is a return to serfdom and an elimination of any class other than the elite and the poor huddled masses that labor for them.  This is a stark vision of a technologically advanced, dark, soul-crushing world.

The opposite outcome is one that is mostly hidden from view due to its revolutionary nature and its suppression by those in power.  It is a vision that is marginalized and often consigned to ridicule.  We are taught that individuals cannot be trusted and governments must rule to avoid chaos. We are also herded into the belief that we must give our power up to authority when it is demanded.

Our rulers conspire to weaken self-determination in order to exploit the masses for their own benefit. This is an old paradigm of a vulnerable humanity that is ripe for exploitation.  Must humanity exist in this repressed state in perpetuity?

I believe that the day is quickly approaching that humanity will collectively make a decision to no longer be held inside this box.  How that actually happens is anybody’s guess. Something needs to happen that has never occurred before. I think it will come about through an intuitive recognition that as a species we need to make some serious changes in order to survive on this planet.

If we can truly claim our heritage as homo sapiens (the wise ones) and understand our place in the cosmos, we have a chance of evolving beyond the constraints of our current paradigm.  We are nearly there.  If we are following a spiritual path and doing the research we see that new vistas are opening up.

In earlier blog posts I addressed the Electric Universe model that is quietly dissolving the Standard Model of gravity and relativity theory that has been used to describe the workings of the universe. This is one example of a new paradigm that is about to be revealed and publicly accepted.  There are many other revelations waiting to come into the light once the old order dies. I believe we are at the doorstep of an entirely different way of living once this happens.

To bring this post full circle, the need for mentally prepping is not only about dealing with disturbing changes that threaten our status quo, but to also be prepared for positive outcomes. This is our saving grace. If it is only about our animal survival after a collapse, we will suffer depression and remain vulnerable to exploitation. If we have a vision of an uplifted world where individuals can experience their sovereign person-hood and evolve in god consciousness without being repressed by a top-down political, economic, social, and religious hierarchy, then we have a chance.



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  1. Lee Binder

    very well written. I think we can learn a lot from surfing. We have to know how far to swim out, which wave to dive under, which to push through, which wave to avoid, when to turn around, when to jump on the board, how to keep our balance, when to lean backwards, when to lean forward. The smarter decisions we make towards being WITH the flow, the better we’ll be of, and vice versa: the more we move AGAINST the flow, the more resistance we’ll encounter, and are very likely to get hit (in the face).

    Some of the keys will be to be inventive, creative, flexible, open, positive, pragmatic, practical, self-sufficient, intelligent (yes, even that is not given but can be learned and increased .. ;) ), diligent, thorough, confident, hands on (willing to do physical work) etc. pp.

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