Prepping is a term being used by today’s awakened populace.  It recognizes the need to prepare for potential disruptions to our normal lives.  There are two components – psychological and physical. The psychological part is being open to abrupt change and mentally able to deal with it.  This is the same type of readiness or hardiness that one would need to handle any disaster or tragedy. In this case, it is getting ready for an involuntary change to our daily lives caused by economic crisis.

Prepping physically is about taking care of our sustenance.  Do we have an emergency food supply, candles, cash on hand if the ATMs go down?

This is something that anyone living in hurricane prone areas thinks about as a matter of natural course.  However, most people don’t think this way.  There’s not enough personal experience to lead one’s life at that level of survival awareness.

There are many degrees of prepping.  Some people go all the way, having a place in the country with gardens, animals, food storage, guns, and barter items that can be exchanged if money goes out of circulation.  There’s no end to prepping, if we’re trying to be fully self-reliant.

There’s no magic formula to prepping.  Everybody approaches it differently, guided by their own emotional inner compass.  What do you need to have on hand to feel secure?

Of course, the level of prepping depends on what we think we are getting ready for.  If it’s a short power outage, it might just be some candles for a romantic interlude.  If the power goes out for a couple of days, we start thinking about food and refrigeration.  Any longer or deeper than that, we need to think about water, personal comfort, and what’s happening out on the street.

This is something none of us really want to relate to.

The reason to go through this exercise, if you haven’t noticed it already, is to address the fact that this country and indeed this world is in a precarious financial condition.  Yes, we can worry about climate change, peak oil, and asteroids, but the real threat is closer to home. The last blog post, Money Matters began to address this subject.

Most prepping discussions in the alternative press are prompted by people’s concerns about a possible economic collapse and resultant social chaos.  This could be brought on by any number of national and world events.  The purpose of this post is not to address the probable causes, but simply to point to the possibility and ask what are we doing, if anything, to prepare ourselves?

I realize this is a nuisance, and most people haven’t elevated this concern to a level where they are doing anything about it.  If we watch the mainstream news, there is very little alarm.  It’s business as usual – the corporate media’s job is to keep people calm, misinformed and moving forward.

However, if we’re doing our research on the Web, having joined the great Internet Reformation, we know that we are fast approaching some kind of cliff.  It’s somewhere out there, but no one knows how far away it is.  Despite the unknown time frame in reaching it, there is a gathering consensus that our social system, our government, our military, and our monetary system are all unstable and likely to falter.  Some kind of crisis event is out there on the horizon.

The threat of nuclear World War III looms. For some reason our leaders are mad for power.  There is some sort of collective insanity happening at the highest levels of government and finance.  We may not be able to influence the course of events manufactured by these crazed people, but we can prepare for the possible fallout.

Do you have a fallback position if the unthinkable happens?





Silver, gold, cash outside of the banks

Personal security

Taking it a few steps further……..if our humpty-dumpty, highly complex, tightly interwoven, world wide, just in time, financial system can’t be put back together again, how are we going to survive if the interruption to our personal lives is permanent?  What will that world look like for each of us? Are we willing to prep to the degree necessary to survive in that scenario?

This is not about trading a life of ease for a life of fear. It is about looking squarely at local, national, and world events, taking measure of the situation and getting clear with ourselves about what if anything we want to do to secure our future in the event of social disruption.

In this post, I have addressed prepping mostly in reference to physical security.  In a future post I will further address its psychological component.

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  1. Steven Ruddell

    Thank you Andy for bring the state of world economic affairs into the light for our reflection and for now highlighting the importance of being prepared. What steps are you taking to prepare physically? Looking forward to your discussion on psychological prepping.

    • Thanks Steven for your comment.

      I am having a love/hate relationship with prepping. It is alternately self-empowering and demoralizing. When I’m actually doing something to pad my emergency nest, it feels great. For me this is planting food trees and bushes, putting in a garden, ordering high quality, long term storage freeze dried foods, converting dollars to hard tradeable assets, putting in a solar PV system, buying a back-up well pump, having a diesel storage tank, and more. In short, having on hand things that will be hard to obtain when the system falters.

      Despite these helpful efforts, I realize I can never be completely prepared. Getting over the hump of a month long crisis is one thing. If it’s a prolonged, seemingly never-ending nightmare of rationing, and people moving in on each other because they have nothing, it will be bad, bad, bad.

      This is the demoralizing part that you can never overcome unless you are a complete survivalist person who thrives on the idea of off the grid self-sufficient homesteading. I suppose you could make it a game and go all the way with guns and foraging, but that’s not for me and the wife.

      I think we each need to do something to protect against dire future scenarios, but in the end, physical preparation will never be enough. There will always be something overlooked, or you could be robbed of the things you have stored.

      My recommendation is do what you can and not beat yourself up about not having done enough, either during the prepping process or after TSHTF. We’re all going to have to rely on each other, because we are not going to make it alone. Communities will form quickly and we will need to share on all levels. If we think we can survive alone while others are starving, roaming around and poaching on others, this will be the end of us as a society.

      A healthy cooperative community that has its boundaries intact is the only thing that will work. This will be a subject for a future post…

  2. Lee Binder

    Very good points, thank you Andy!

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