Saturn Death Cult

Saturn Death Cult

The Saturn Death Cult is built atop the Saturn Polar Configuration theory, the subject of the last post.  It is a thesis constructed by Troy McLachlan, a scholar from New Zealand and is discussed in his web site, The subject is titled, “The link between planetary catastrophes, ancient mythology, and occult ritual.”

He attempts to bridge the reality of a long ago solar system configuration and its dissolution that forever altered human experience, with a disturbing social matrix that evolved in the millennia afterwards. According to McLachlan, this dynamic is still playing out today.

In order to make sense of this thesis, it is necessary to first read about the Saturn Polar Configuration theory. Most people have not heard of this subject, and fewer still have explored the evidence. The more I look into it, the more I am willing to conclude that this is a very important missing piece of our human prehistory that needs to come out into the open.  Troy McLachlan has taken it a step further and has drawn his own conclusions about how the Saturn Polar Configuration and its demise has reverberated down to the present day.

This is outside the box scholarship, and may never reach the mainstream, but is a great exercise in understanding how cultures likely interpreted and integrated such catastrophic experiences.  This is particularly interesting in light of the knowledge that the old Saturnian system broke up and the planets departed to far away orbits around our new sun. After those tumultuous times, the main event could only be referred to through stories, because the physical evidence was no longer there! The memories of those times, the impact on the collective psyche, and how humanity has dealt with it, underpins the thesis of the Saturn Death Cult.

According to theorists behind the Saturn Polar Configuration there still were periodic environmental disruptions up through the middle of the 1st century BCE, most likely from Venus passing near Earth as it careened around the heavens looking to settle into a new orbit. These increasingly rare debacles abated as the heavens became more and more ordered, leaving the old myths as the only sign of a long ago chaotic human experience.

So what was it like to be in recovery mode after all that planetary drama settled down?  We must have continued to look over our shoulders expecting more doom, yet were also probably left with a feeling of being abandoned. It would be only natural to miss the awe and wonder that the gods brought us, since we humans love intensity – as long as it doesn’t kill us!  Our observations of the life of the gods (planets) enthralled us and we made up many stories about what was happening in the heavens.  The universal principle in ancient times was: So Above – So Below.  Everything that went on above our heads was analyzed and reflected back into our cultures. Such a dynamic display was obviously sacred and important, and needed to be recorded in memory. Meaning was then attributed to every phase of the evolution of our early solar system.

Myths of every culture at that time were based on the interpreted meaning of what was going on with the gods. When they were no longer acting out on the stage above our heads, we began to regard these past events differently. What were observations became stories, and later assimilated into the culture in a more solidified way. As stories became fixed, ritual was added. The need arose to reenact the displays that were no longer physically occurring.

These rituals were meant to recreate the attributes of the gods and bring about whatever effects were associated with them. The gods had taught us something important and we wanted to feel and be a part of their power. Beyond simply honoring them, the meaning we gave to their actions was what we wanted to activate, or to deactivate.  This is the god-human story that has always been with us. We observe something powerful outside of ourselves, give it meaning, and then propitiate it in order to take on and interact with such qualities.  It’s a convenient feedback loop for humans and one that is especially dynamic when related to intense dramas of planetary upheavals that have been anthropomorphized as gods who rule over us.

These powerful forces in the heavens had so much impact on human culture that they created the basis for many religions and cults lasting until today. This basis was no childish, imaginative story fabricated by early, ignorant humans, but something perfectly observable with the naked eye.  This is why this story is still alive today, but hidden under layers of cultural accretion.

When the clouds cleared and the heavens became quiescent, human memory was still echoing with the clash of the titans. This is when the philosopher priests as rulers emerged and began to use the power of this memory to order the new society.  It appeared that the rituals to appease the gods were working.  This solidified the power of this class and gave them control over the masses. Fear is a primary motivator in giving up power to those that promise protection.  Acceding to seemingly knowledgeable people that could guarantee physical and psychic safety was a bargain that humans were all to willing to make.

Initially, the priests set about recording the history of the prior catastrophes, bringing about development of the written word.  This was done in an effort to be able to warn future generations of the possibility of a return to chaos.  This information formed the basis of the first secret societies, winding all the way down through history to the present, keeping alive occult information related to the old Saturnian system.

The Golden Age

Prior to the development of this priesthood, in what McLachlan calls the silver age, humanity experienced a golden age of elevated consciousness and abundance brought about by the profound changes in the celestial environment:

Humans could now see the stars after the disintegration of the previously opaque plasma sheath that encompassed Saturn and Earth

Saturn had flared into a brighter orb, giving off more light and warming radiation

Day and night were beginning to be felt as the new sun began its influence

A sense of time developed as Saturn showed revolving crescent shadows caused by the influence of the new sun, thus giving a regular display and indicating the period of the day or night

Year round growing conditions supported abundance in food without toil or agriculture.

Saturn, Venus, and Mars put on intense visual displays, and stunning plasma events filled the sky with drama, stimulating the human imagination.

Further speculation on my part paints a picture of humanity with newly endowed consciousness states, perhaps telepathic capabilities, and a balanced bicameral mind that supported the discovery of new ‘technologies’ that we still don’t have today. Perhaps this period of ‘prehistory’ and its advancements were the run-up to the already sophisticated Sumerian and Egyptian civilizations that seemed to spring out of nowhere around 3,000 BCE?

Today, we have come to think that a golden age must mean a time of opulence and material wealth, but perhaps in this case, it was a time of harmony and plenty, without the need for advanced material technology, writing and other supports we think are now so important. In this scenario, the golden age was the time of the proverbial Garden of Eden.

The Silver Age

According to McLachlan’s theory, this golden age was the example that later silver age societies sought to reconstruct, but without the environmental supports.  The golden age ended in Doomsday events in the final breakup of the Saturnian system, and the new situation on Earth was not as conducive to easy living. More effort was needed to ensure survival, with society evolving in more complex ways.

Initially the silver age priesthoods were successful in creating harmony by establishing a new social equilibrium through the formation of a uniform system of weights and measures, giving society an egalitarian basis.

“Their goal was to establish a righteousness and justice they perceived to be the legacy of the prior golden age.  These weights, measures and calendars were established and enshrined by law in a growing network of interlinked temples and monuments that spanned the globe.

With the establishment of weights and measures a new, yet dangerously insidious concept began to take hold within the temples of priesthoods – the advent of the universal language of international commerce. The driving factor in the increase of trade in the Silver Age was the newly derived notion of money.”

The Beginnings of the Saturn Death Cult

Continuing in McLachlan’s words, “As the Silver Age approached its zenith, certain priesthoods quickly consolidated their power via this new money system until all wealth found itself being concentrated in the hands of a shrinking minority.  The Temple became this system’s centre of operations, its central bank, and this ultimately heralded the emergence of that most insidiously influential of historical characters:  The Priest-Kings.

These Priest-Kings were the original Bluebloods.  In reality, they were nothing more than mere merchant bankers with a monopoly over the arguably useless production of gold and silver.  With the emergence of these temple-based banking parasites the peoples of Earth began to experience a new and most sinister force – debt-based slavery.

The tragedy was that all the careful work by the early priesthoods in preserving the memory of a righteous and just Golden Age through a system of laws and accurate weights and measures was now being usurped by this new and easily manipulated system of commerce based on gold-backed money.

Under this new system merchant bankers, hiding behind the authority of the temple, would be elevated to a position of heaven-like authority over all commercial activity.  The old established concept of authority as being founded on righteousness and justice was now replaced with the merchant bankers’ debt-based slavery system.”

No other place exemplified this more than a place called Babel on the ancient plains of Shinar, the future location of the city of Babylon.  There the central banking temple and its merchant bankers saw their financial authority grow to towering proportions, giving rise to the legend of the Tower of Babel.

Of course, as the ensuing ages would show over and over again, a debt-based monetary system eventually implodes under its own debt-laden weight, and the higher you build its edifice, the mightier the crash.  In an age fresh from multiple cosmic upheavals, the peoples of the Earth found themselves experiencing something unique  – a man-made global catastrophe in the form of a systemic economic meltdown.

In this way did the so-called Tower of Babel collapse and the global economic chaos that followed forced whole nations and peoples to go back to their old diverse languages of commerce and trade.  A confusion of different weights and measures now reigned, unsupported by any universal and unifying financial system.

The Saturn Death Cult Today

This is one aspect of McLachlan’s Death Cult – a thread leading to the financial stranglehold we see rising up today and threatening to destroy our modern economy.  In making this comparison we see that what is happening today is not so different than what other long ago cultures experienced as a result of fiat money systems engineered by ‘masters of the universe’, aka philosopher-priests in their money temples.

The Saturn Death Cult moves on to document other nefarious control mechanisms that the elite have used to dominate the masses: ritual sacrifice, sexual slavery, and other forms of patriarchal madness.

As is true today, the elite were not necessarily the visible leaders of society, but those behind the scenes who kept alive information from the past.  They kept this information to themselves and hidden within their secret societies and mystery schools. “As time went by, the mythologies and legends recording the actual planetary events of the Golden Age became distorted into literal humanistic dramas.  These dramas were then to be physically re-enacted out as ritual by those aspiring to own the legacy of Saturn’s power and authority as creator.” Both overt and covert religions were formed as a way to cement this power, including as mentioned above, a class of money priests who to this day work to enslave people in their fiat debt system.

The value of McLachlan’s thesis is to help unravel the madness of the control mechanisms that are currently decimating our human cultures, and to understand how it all began. Everybody can agree that that some part of the collective human psyche is damaged and vulnerable to being preyed upon. Many people have ascribed that to simple survival issues, sensing that all life is precarious and there is a natural fear of difficulty, pain and death. That may be enough to feel victimized, but there is another parallel thread running through our lives that is less understood.  According to McLachlan and other scholars, mankind’s collective wound came about from undergoing terrible trauma during dramatic earth changes spanning millennia.  It is hard wired in us to expect an apocalypse just around the corner.  We don’t really know why we carry around this feeling of dread, which we often misinterpret as a direct fear of death.

Humans seem to willingly give their power away to those that promise them safety from disturbing outcomes they don’t understand. This is the role that religion often plays. This vulnerability can trap people in their ignorance when they don’t move from unknowing to knowing by educating themselves. Some people instead choose to rely on others who seem more powerful, smarter, and connected in to established systems of governance.

That is the problem today – people need to take off their blinders and work on their emancipation by gaining new knowledge through their own research. Otherwise, humanity is sunk. Society is not going to work anymore unless we grow up and reposition our priorities away from being ruled by others. The elite are all too happy to feed the population endless misinformation and lies, hoping to placate and dumb down as many people as possible in order to keep the serfs chained and working for their masters. The Saturn Death Cult, the New World Order, the Trans-National Shadow Government is alive today, and hoping to gain ever more power over the masses.

The only way to break out of the matrix is to understood how it got created in the first place.  Once we understand it, the less control it has over us, and the better functioning our society can be. That its origins might be found in a long ago planetary – human trauma is an interesting conclusion.


If you visit Troy’s web site,, you will find various links to interviews he has given in the last two years.  My favorite are two separate interviews on Red Ice Creations in January 2012, an excellent web site hosted by Henrik Palmgren of Sweden:

The Saturn Death Cult: The Polar Configuration

The Crimes of the Saturn Death Cult




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  1. Muman

    Interesting post first heard of this topic via David Icke. It pays to keep an open mind, though in these rapidly changing times going deep into the rabbit hole maintaining our sanity with this new information and carrying a higher vibration from this to affect others even just by passing them in the street can help. This sounds nonsense to predominently left brain thinkers but hey such is the way this plays out on this stage of life. Keep up the informative posts Andrew.

    May more of us awaken to our sky like mind with its intrinsic compassion.

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