Saturn Polar Configuration

Saturn Polar Configuration

The Saturn Polar Configuration theory is so revolutionary and so mind-boggling, that if proven correct, our conventional understanding of human and planetary history in the last 15,000 years needs to be completely revised. Few people have encountered this story, even though it has been brewing for over 20 years. The best way to learn about this theory is to watch a 78 minute video by David Talbott, called, ‘Symbols of an Alien Sky.’

Coupled with the Electric Universe theory and in-depth Comparative Mythology studies, an alternate historical picture of our solar system emerges. When we look up at the stars today, we view a quiescent scene.  The planets are far away in their elliptical orbits, pin pricks of light revolving uniformly around the Sun. This regularity appears as if it has always been the case.  The phrase, ‘uniformitarian’ has been coined by modern scholars to describe not only the benign behavior of planets, but how species slowly evolve, and landmasses creep across the Earth. This reassuring, almost timeless reality is the basis for our ordered world. But has it always been this way?

According to the Saturn Polar Configuration theory, not more than 6,000 years ago our ancestors lived in a very different world, with a heavens in a different configuration than today.  The planets were not far away from the Earth, but overhead, in conjunction above the North Pole.  These planets were Saturn, Venus and Mars.  Saturn was the primary orb, and was originally not a planet, but a sub-brown dwarf star.  This is perhaps one of the most difficult details to wrap our heads around, but as we will see, there is much more to bend our minds.

At this point, many people give up.  This is why this story has not hit the mainstream. The implications are so great and the alternative scenario so at odds with our conventional view, that taking the leap and opening our minds to the possibility is going against the matrix. This matrix is the web of our current beliefs, which can be seen as either creating coherence for us, or imprisoning us in a falsehood. In this case, I believe we are holding onto an erroneous understanding and need to revise theories that have existed for centuries. Our society conditions us toward sticking with established consensus and so we have difficulty looking with fresh eyes. To step out of our closely held beliefs and out of the matrix, is a great challenge.

The Saturn Polar Configuration is exactly the sort of thing that breaks the mold, and is only approachable by an open, inquiring mind. I digress to say that this is what we all need to develop further. Many paradigms that prop up our culture are now crumbling, and we must get ahead of the curve with new understandings.

So, join me at the top of the curl as we surf this wave and consider that today’s brave scholars who are working outside the establishment are piecing together a startling revision to history.  This is not a hair-brained, new age theory, but is based on much scientific research. We will someday look back at these times with incredulity, wondering how we could have been so deluded to consider the universe as some kind of predictable machine – clockwork that has been abandoned by the clockmaker.

Gods as Planets

The key to understanding this theory is the recognition that ancient gods depicted in diverse worldwide mythologies did not originate as mentally fabricated heroes and heroines, but as planets!  The story of the god’s lives was the story of the movement of the planets.  And these planets were not in far off places in the sky – they were overhead, looming in an amazing line of conjunction with the large sphere of Saturn as the backdrop for Venus and Mars. To get a picture of this, see the image at the beginning of this post.

The gods (planets) were important to humans, because they existed in close proximity, and they often impacted each other.  There are innumerable stories of capricious gods fighting amongst themselves while all hell broke loose. In other periods they appeared stable and benign, invoking reverence and awe. Sometimes they evolved from benevolent to threatening as they changed form.  The gods and their exploits told a story of solar system evolution as the skies changed before our eyes.  This primordial configuration focused on Saturn eventually broke up and the gods (planets) deserted humanity. As the planets left for their current orbits in the sky, our myths and rituals diminished by the century and much was forgotten.  That is why today we think of myth as just child’s play from a time when humans were thought to be less evolved and ignorant.  This is not true – myths from all over the world incorporate observations of these long ago celestial events and have preserved them down to our times.  It is only we in our foolish modern conceit that have failed to see what these myths speak of.  Instead we rely on computer simulations to help us create more and more abstracted versions of reality, and ignore the stories of our ancestors.

Planetary Instability

During the time when the planets were close to the Earth, these celestial objects were not always stationary – they periodically moved back and forth within the same conjunction.  As they did, they influenced each other by coming in contact via their magnetic or electrified fields. This is where the Electric Universe theory comes in and helps point to the types of disruptions that occurred as the planets came near each other.  Two polarized bodies carry their own electrical charges, and when in close relation to each other discharge electrically to achieve balance or stasis. This occurs as the electricity or plasma arcs between the two bodies.  On Earth, lightning plays a similar role as it joins earth and sky. In a laboratory, at arms length, this is a stunning display.  Witnessing planets in the sky, arcing with tremendous thunderbolts of stellar lightning is a fearful, life-changing event.  This is what our ancestors saw, and it led them to record this for posterity.

As a side story, this is an explanation for many types of petro glyphs found all over the world. Humans were viewing incredible plasma events in the sky and inscribing these visual forms on rocks. These forms appeared in widely dispersed cultures at roughly the same time, because everyone on Earth witnessed them.  This is a discovery made by scholars in a cross discipline exchange between the fields of plasma studies and archaeology.

The awe of beholding such an event between planets in the sky was second only to experiencing the effects that happened to Earth.  Awe could turn to terror at the terrible calamities that were inflicted. In the physical and mythological record of Earth there are many catastrophes involving extinctions, pestilence, deluge, flood, fire, freezing and prolonged darkness.  A conjecture based on the Saturn Polar Configuration theory is that these types of events were the catastrophes that befell Earth at the end of the last ice age 12,000 – 9,500 BCE.  Another period of instability was around 4,000 – 3,000 BCE, with disruptions occurring infrequently up to the middle of the first century BCE.

At the peak of these events, the continuation of human life on this planet was threatened.  This is the source of all mankind’s fear of annihilation, the memory of Armageddon, of world catastrophe, of Earth cataclysms, of the Day of Judgment.

To understand this theory better, it is necessary to take a look at each of the planets and see the role that they played, as revealed in mythological stories.  These roles, as expressed by the lives of the gods, and the interactions they had with other gods, are the foundational source for this theory. We cannot reconstruct a physical reality of a long ago solar system by physical evidence. It is only by reading the mythological record that we can recreate what may have been our ancestor’s experience.

Remember – this theory is a work in progress and not all the details have been worked out.  The following is the best shot that we have today, brought together by a group of scholars under the banner of the Thunderbolts group. More work is needed in the field of Archeoastronomy and Comparative Mythology to substantiate their premise. This work is happening outside of mainstream science and is driven by scholars that are pursuing it with a passion.

The following information is specific to the role each planet may have played in both the Saturnian and current solar systems.


Saturn was our original sun, a sub-brown dwarf star that enveloped the Earth and Mars in a protective plasma sheath.  In mainstream science it is becoming clear that brown dwarf stars are everywhere in the universe, and that they may be the prime incubators for planets – the perfect medium for life to evolve. When observed through telescopes, these stars appear larger than they really are due to the encompassing plasma sheath being seen in its entirety, hiding the small solar system within. This plasma sheath is similar to our current sun’s transparent heliosphere, but nearly opaque.

Over the millennia, our Saturnian solar system drifted on its own through the galaxy, eventually coming into contact with our current Sun’s heliosphere.  This may have happened periodically over millions of years or it may have occurred for the first time within the last 25,000 years.  This most recent contact turned out to be a dynamic encounter that eventually caused the demise of our Saturnian system.  The Sun gradually captured this system in its gravitational field and caused the ouster of Saturn, which flared around 6,000 years ago.  Saturn shriveled in size, and as a gaseous giant, gave birth to Venus as a brand new planet.  A major disruption occurred as our current Sun took over. All the planets, including a diminished Saturn left for new orbits around a newly dominant Sun. How’s that for an old paradigm buster!

In primordial times, called by some the purple dawn, the Earth was radiated by Saturn in a uniform way over the entire planet.  The light was dim with no separate day or night. Seasons were non-existent.  The temperature was uniform over most of the earth, a temperate climate with year round growing weather. Humans were not able to see the stars and lived in a type of all encompassing bubble.  A side theory is that the Earth once had a different gravity and this allowed large, heavy animals like the dinosaurs to exist.

Saturn’s encounter with the Sun went through a number of phases. The earliest disruption may have occurred at the end of the last ice age, and was mostly likely a novae type event as the Sun began to steal Saturn’s prominence.  It did not break up the Saturnian system, which continued for another 5,000 years or more, but was sufficiently dramatic to dissolve the plasma sheath and for the first time humans were able to observe a starry sky that was not there before. This may have been small consolation, as terrible cataclysms and extinctions were experienced at the the end of the ice age.

Some scholars believe that this opening to a new window on the universe kicked off a golden age, as it woke humans out of a long evolutionary slumber.  It was a time of plenty with Saturn still giving off its warm glow, coupled with the appearance of a new Sun gradually gaining dominance and offering its light, beginning a differentiation of day and night. This stimulated humans toward an era that was the origin of the proverbial Garden of Eden.


According to this model, Venus was born out of Saturn not more than 4,000 – 6,000 years ago.  Immanuel Velikovsky, an iconoclastic scholar and forefather of aspects of the Saturn Polar Configuration theory wrote in 1950 that Venus emerged out of Jupiter, another gaseous giant.  Today, it is believed instead that Venus emerged from Saturn during one of its phases of diminishment. No hard evidence for either scenario exists other than that gleaned from the mythological record.

Venus was birthed as a heated, electrified body and took various forms over the centuries.  At times it exhibited the behavior of a comet with a thrashing tail, and other times a radiating star-like planet that held fast in conjunction with a much larger Saturn.  This means it did not revolve around Saturn, which was also true for Mars and the Earth.  The mechanism for conjunction, whether gravitational, magnetic, or electrical, is so different than the current observed elliptical orbits of planets, that this is a major stumbling block for some. It is still being worked out in the hard sciences.

The magic of this vision of conjunct planets looming overhead, stationary in the heavens is something that is full of wonder for me.  So too is the display that an actively flaring Venus must have put on, with Saturn as a backdrop.  Added to that inspiration is the red planet Mars, a little smaller than Venus, and sitting directly in front, appearing as the hub of a wheel or the pupil in the eye.  From the earth, this must have been an astonishing sight.  As the story goes, Venus as a young planet evolved in its flaring and gave off many kinds of visual displays.  When Mars moved relative to Venus, this too changed the imagery observed from Earth. These inspiring visual forms were the basis for all kinds of cultural expression seen in clothing, headdresses, crowns and other regal objects. These intense displays seen in the sky were also inscribed repeatedly upon rocks found out in the open. The video, ‘Symbols of an Alien Sky’ does an excellent job in revealing the many forms Venus displayed over the centuries. Today, most of our celestial drama comes from the moon, a far cry from the ancient sky depicted by the Saturn Polar Configuration.

In later times when the Saturnian system began to break up, Venus took on its Medusa or Kali like form with a wild tail and disheveled hair and began to threaten earth with its erratic behavior.  This is likely the time that Venus began to act like a comet as it careened around the sky seeking a stable orbit around the new Sun.


Known as the wounded warrior-hero, and masculine, as opposed to the feminine Venus, Mars has played a significant role as the planet closest to us.  It is not known if this planet, or Venus, or possibly Saturn was responsible for the environmental catastrophes on Earth.  Something interacted with Earth that descended from the heavens. An upwelling from within did not cause these cataclysms.

We do know that Mars has suffered greatly from passing close to another planetary body, which caused the plasma arcing that is responsible for the blasting out of the deep ravines in the area called Valles Marineris.  This scenario is part of a follow-on video named ‘The Lightning Scared Planet Mars’, which is part 2 of Symbols of an Alien Sky.

Also of interest are the possible reasons for the northern hemisphere of Mars being a full six miles lower in elevation compared to the southern hemisphere. Was this rock layer blasted off the planet, the debris helping create the asteroid belt? Is this the source of Martian meteorites found on Earth? The Electric Universe theory has a comprehensive explanation for this, while mainstream science flounders with stories of comets and asteroids pummeling Mars.

The Other Planets

Jupiter is the next important planet in the Saturn Polar Configuration theory. Consensus has not been reached whether Jupiter was originally part of our current Sun’s solar system or was part of the Saturnian solar system.  If it was part of the Saturnian system, it may have been hiding behind Saturn in the same line of conjunction as the other planets and thus unseen from earth.

What is believed is that Jupiter had a tussle with Saturn during the time that Saturn was diminishing in size and influence. These two planets are both gaseous giants and have their own unique relationship. Some kind of stellar competition occurred between these two planets as the Saturnian system fell away. This is the story told in Greek mythology. One theory is that our current moon was once a satellite of Jupiter.

Mercury is a mystery.  It doesn’t seem to get a mention other than it was observed zooming across the sky for part of its history.  Remember – fleet footed Mercury!

Neptune, Uranus and Plato don’t figure in any equation. Nor do any rogue planets entering the solar system or any binary stars in relation to the current Sun.

The Plasma Column as Axis Mundi

This is one of the more fascinating discoveries linking the Saturn Polar Configuration with the Electric Universe theory.  Above the North Pole, along the conjunctive axis between the planets, a type of electrical attraction was generated between Saturn, Venus, Mars, and Earth.  This type of plasma event is called a Birkeland current. This connection was visible as a whitish plasma column that changed shape and intensity depending on how close Mars was to Earth.  This dramatic plasma column is one of the main sources of imagery laid down as petro glyphs around the world, equal to the representation of Venus in its flaring forms. This was once called the milky way, but today the association has been lost, and now the term references our galaxy’s radial arms seen faintly in the night sky.

In the laboratory these types of plasma columns can be created in miniature, and are the basis for the vision of what it might have looked like above the North Pole. Add to it the evidence of similar forms depicted in petro glyphs and you start to have a credible theory that this column did exist in the ancient path.

This column is further corroborated by evidence that the North Pole was never covered over with ice during the ice ages. Ice ringed the pole, but beginning much further south from the axis point. Evidence of a great verdant land supporting large herds of animals has been found in this area. In theory this was caused by the ongoing radiating column that dispersed its energy and warmth throughout this zone.

Many civilizations have enshrined the memory of this column variously as the stairway to heaven, Mt. Meru, the Axis Mundi, Jacob’s Ladder, the Tree of Life, even Jack and the Beanstalk.  When viewed in this way, so many confusing myths and imagery from the past begin to make sense.  Humans don’t invent things without a basis in direct experience.  The story of the gods is not a pipedream, a made up story told around the campfire to entertain.  This story is about our earthly and heavenly environment and the drama of its evolution.  How else could we tell the story other than to anthropomorphize the planets as the gods?  Could we keep the memory alive if we referred to cold and hot round billiard balls in a sea of stars against a backdrop of darkness? Humans love to tell a story and to encode sacred meaning in these stories.  This is the way we guarantee longevity of the message. Are we listening?

A Curious Observation

Earlier in this article I made mention of brown dwarf stars and their possible significance as incubators for biological life forms. This likelihood is a prime tenet for the Thunderbolts Group, and something that needs further research. If mainstream astronomy could more strongly focus on this question and investigate brown dwarf stars more thoroughly, there might be breakthroughs in discovering how life is formed in the Universe. Various scholars are of the opinion that our current planetary conditions are not conducive to the support of life evolving as the physical record suggests.  Is this because the Earth once had very different climatic and gravitational conditions for life to evolve within the protective plasma sheath created by Saturn?

Stepping further afield, was the ending of the Saturnian system a natural progression for sentient life forms on the planet? Did this force humans to evolve and wake up further from their animalistic slumber? Did the sudden appearance of stars in the sky stimulate humans to begin to question their reality?

Is this the way the Universe develops life and forces it to differentiate and increase in complexity, eventually leading to a species capable of self-reflection?  Are we now winding our way backwards through this mystery, using these powers of reflection to uncover how we got to this point?  If so, the Saturn Polar Configuration and the mythological stories of our ancestors are a prime source for our revelations.



To flesh out the stories of the gods and delve into the evidence for the planet/god connection across all ancient world cultures, two authors provide excellent research. Dwardu Cardona is the senior writer, and Ev Cochrane his acolyte. David Talbott is another writer and lecturer who is best known for his video series, ‘Symbols of an Alien Sky’. Talbott is also a primary contributor to the Electric Universe theory along with Wal Thornill and other scholars in the Thunderbolts Group.

The Thunderbolts YouTube channel has many interesting videos.

Cardona’s four books are: God Star, Flare Star, Primordial Star, and Metamorphic Star.

Cochrane’s four books are: Martian Metamorphoses, The Many Faces of Venus, On Fossil Gods and Forgotten Worlds, and Starf*cker


11 Comments to Saturn Polar Configuration

  1. Charles

    All of these ideas seem to be based on mythological accounts? Some things could do with further explanation. How have the circadian rhythms of animals managed to cope with the violently sudden (in evolutionary terms) switch from perpetual twilight to a 24 hour day/night cycle?

    “A side theory is that the Earth once had a different gravity and this allowed large, heavy animals like the dinosaurs to exist.”

    It would also be nice to have an explanation for why fossil records from the times of the apparent “Saturnian System” show no evidence of lighter bone mass than they currently do, as would be expected in a lower gravity environment per;jsessionid=osOE6NrbMnlkxOq1UmoF.16

    “The temperature was uniform over most of the earth, a temperate climate with year round growing weather”
    “The earliest disruption may have occurred at the end of the last ice age”

    So I gather that you are saying that the “temperature was uniform over most of the earth” until the end of the last ice age? That by itself presents a few problems. I’m very surprised that you didn’t notice them, do you re-read things before posting them? Also, some very clever people, quite a while ago, put a lot of time and effort into figuring out what the worldwide climate was like during the last ice age. Here:

    “We cannot reconstruct a physical reality of a long ago solar system by physical evidence. It is only by reading the mythological record that we can recreate what may have been our ancestor’s experience.”

    I cannot believe you actually wrote that. Where did you go to school and have they given you a refund yet?

  2. Wow, thanks Charles for caring to read the post and write an articulate response, with links. You bring up some good points. Sorry to displease you that I am poorly educated. I’ll have to go back and shake my fist at someone – there must be someone I can blame…

  3. Charles

    I am happy to share, sorry for the way I chose to end it, I regretted the little dig as soon as I clicked on post. I only just heard about this theory and your site seems to be the only that mentions it that allows comments, kudos.

  4. No worries mate…

    If you want to follow this Saturn thread, and the alternative story of the planetary catastrophes, check out “Recovering the Lost World” by Jno Cook:

    Also worth checking out is Cook’s web forum, which I am managing. You can post all you want there. The forum is just getting going and is meant to be a support and challenge for his thesis:

    The planetary story has become a subject that I’m deeply interested in. I’ve taken in all the Thunderbolts material (Dave Talbott, Wal Thornhill, et al), read Velikovsky, de Grazia and many others. I went to the 2013 Electric Universe conference in January and met Cook. I found his work to encompass much more material during the first three millenia BC than the Thunderbolts group of scholars. He has a very interesting and in-depth chronology that Thunderbolts won’t touch.

    Anyways, I could go on and on. Good luck in your research. We’re all flying high and fast, trying to make sense of this incredible cosmology that is mostly hidden from view. We’re bound to be partly right and partly wrong. The fun part are the ah-ha moments, and the sharing.

    If you dive into Cook’s work, you will not be disappointed.

    Cheers, Andrew

  5. Thanks for your very concise and readable synopsis of this theory – I’ve read/seen videos/websites on this and am delighted to have come across this one.

    re: sudden gravity shift…
    I can’t offer the solution and instead share my gut feeling.

    I for one have become quite skeptical of consensus “Science” (gravity is all wrong for one) and I believe that given the Saturn theory correct there’s be a simple and ‘properly scientific’ answer for that.

    Again, just my gut, thanks.

  6. Jim

    Happen to come across the “Symbols of an Alien Sky” video and this web page. Answers many questions I had over the years.

    Neatest thing, since looking into the Polar Configuration idea, don’t see art the same.

    Just got back from an art museum and now things are so much clearer. On why there are stars, crosses, circles, etc. in early Christian and other art. And why kind of the same ‘theme’ plays out on ancient works found all over the globe. It was an awesome experience.

    Something else I do, visit older churches. With stained glass and architectural features that resembles the cosmos. Really cool. Actually kind of mind blowing.

    Anyway thanks.

  7. Brandon

    Great to see this information getting spread around. I’ve come to believe the EU (Electrical Universe) better explains the properties of nature. Combined with the spoken word, writings & symbols the ancients left behind, the EU model better explains what they saw & experienced. The physical evidence also supports the EU model.

    My first looking into this subject got started about 3 years ago when I saw the movie “Remembering the End of the World” by David Talbott. It was his personal journey putting together the symbols of ancient times, & realizing that they were looking at the planets with plasmas discharge. This lead to him teaming up with Wal Thornhill, a physics who is one of the leaders in explaining the EU model.

    Then I saw “Symbols of an Alien Sky: part 1” & that better illustrated the planets in their configurations. “Symbols of an Alien Sky: part 2” was about Mars & how the scaring on the surface is evidence for a electrical discharge. “Symbols of an Alien Sky: part 3” talks about the impact it would have had on the people at the time & how the stories would have been passed down throughout the generations.

    The most recent i’ve been listening to interviews with Troy D. McLachlan, who explains the ‘Saturn Polar Configuration’ & the ages of man. He answers a lot of questions I had about the timeline with know stories of mankind. Talks about the the purple dawn (about 60,000 BC) & the stages that Saturn & Earth went through. He explains that the change in gravity is when Saturn, Mars, Earth entered into the Suns heliosphere. He said the change in speed would change gravity. Also connects the use of these power symbols (all seeing eye) & the Illuminati perversion of them to control the masses & in hopes of returning to a ‘Golden Age’.

    Check out

    Also if look up ‘Expanding Earth’, you’ll see the evidence that the seabed only shows new land being made. If you reverse the process & remove the younger land at the continual splits the land masses fit together. There’s no evidence for subduction zone. Meaning millions of years ago the Earth was small in circumference, i.e. had less mass so it had less gravitational pull.

  8. Thanks Brandon for your insights. My inquiry on this subject has led me to develop a new web site:

  9. Also helpful in a reconstruction of the ancient past, is a researcher named Jno Cook who has a free web based book called, “Recovering The Lost World”. I am studying with him and use his chronology in my Planet Amnesia web site.

  10. Brandon

    Thank you for replaying to my post & pointing me to

    Great site & wanted to do something along those lines too. I’ve been recently inspired to create some illustrations based on those events. Still working on drawing, scanning, & coloring my work. Here’s one I did using one of my photos & digital medium to add the planets.

  11. sam

    sorry in advance if i come across as a bit of a git, just trying to point out flaws in the theory

    the thing with all of these things is like

    ancient peoples had a much different worldview to our own, we have to remember that- they didn’t see or know as much and hence tended to worship things they didn’t understand.

    also historical bias- think of the type of person who would be writing said beliefs down, they would probably be someone who would be quite biased towards the idea, hence to exaggerate its power etcetera etcetera

    and also the thing about the outer planets is just a tad significant, as they’re not exactly minor additions to the system, considering that the four inner planets could fit within uranus alone

    not to mention the way the creation of the planets is described seems to go completely against any known and proven scientific theories (especially the “emerging from”) and gravity- red dwarves need to be a great deal larger than saturn to start fusing stuff, and i highly doubt that it could have shed all of that mass in a mere 6000 years. space is SLOWWWWW.

    the other part that makes me go “eeeh” is the fact that the way the theory describes how everything is currently so nice and neat in the solar system in terms of orbits


    if saturn was ever that massive, how would the planets escape its gravitational field (barring a change of gravity’s strength, that would imply saturn and the sun falling apart and it would be highly unlikely to change within mere millenia again) and why do we see no signs of our system being binary in our centuries of study of the sky- again, space is SLOW and orbits would be really, really eccentricised or weird in at least one way (we might have lost a couple planets if saturn suddenly decided to diet itself lol) again, which we don’t observe and have not observed even back in ancient egyptian and greek times.

    can you tell i’m a teenager from the way i type
    ANYWAY yeah here it is

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