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The Matrix

The last post, the Saturn Death Cult, explored possible origins of occult knowledge influencing our culture today. This information, which has been hidden due to both ignorance and subterfuge, reveals a startling window into our human past. There is a great deal of information about…

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Saturn Death Cult

The Saturn Death Cult is built atop the Saturn Polar Configuration theory, the subject of the last post.  It is a thesis constructed by Troy McLachlan, a scholar from New Zealand and is discussed in his web site, The subject is titled, “The link…

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Saturn Polar Configuration

The Saturn Polar Configuration theory is so revolutionary and so mind-boggling, that if proven correct, our conventional understanding of human and planetary history in the last 15,000 years needs to be completely revised. Few people have encountered this story, even though it has been brewing…

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The Electric Universe

The Electric Universe (EU) theory represents one of the most startling paradigm shifts in astrophysics and astronomy to appear in generations.  It is however, still considered fringe by the establishment who cling to the Standard Model based on Newtonian physics coupled with Einsteinian notions of…

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