Global Settlement

Global Settlement

This post explores behind the scenes negotiations that are taking place to address our dysfunctional global financial system. Because it is such a game changer, these developments have not yet made it into the general news. This effort has been underway for at least 20 years and is now quickly building steam.

I don’t claim the following as fact, other than to say that this is what I have synthesized from various sources listed at the end of this article.  I am only a reporter attempting to bring information to light.  At the end of the day, I am either partly correct, or events have changed course and my conclusions are off base. Or perhaps I am completely wrong!

The reason I bother to write about this subject, is that it is exceedingly interesting and I believe, close to the truth of what is happening behind the curtain. I have always looked for such stories behind the facades of history, because I am fascinated by social movements. In this case it is nothing less than a total revamping of our financial system governing our planet.  It is the end of the Federal Reserve and the international central bank system. The people who own and run this system have been creating money by fiat, without any relationship to a country’s hard assets, using the U.S. dollar as a battering ram in the form of the world’s reserve currency. Closing out the Federal Reserve system is something many of us have been hoping would become a reality. Some people have been reporting on it for years, while others have been toiling in the background to help create a new, more equitable system.

This is the good news, based on what I am reading and hearing:

In the near future, all currencies will be issued by the Treasury of each country, or by groups of countries gathered as an association. Money will no longer be issued by the privately owned central banks and loaned at interest to governments and other banks. This has been a hideous system of artificial debt creation that has drained resources from the governments and people of the world.  Rather than thriving, it has led to a system of scarcity where most of the world’s wealth gets sucked up over time into the hands of these privately owned central banks controlled by the Old World Order families. They have used this wealth to control national leaders, propel governments into war, and seed the destruction of social systems to support their agendas.

This has been a terrible crime against humanity.  This ongoing tragedy has been recognized as such by many intelligent people over the years, but the system has been so entrenched and so powerful, that it has resisted all change. However, now that this system is failing as it reaches its natural Ponzi scheme apex with an astronomical amount of unserviceable debt, it is clear that something needs to change.  It is a corrupt system with a natural catastrophic ending. There is no longer a way to invent and print money out of thin air, backed by nothing. More and more people are seeing that indeed, the emperor has no clothes. The end of this system has been predicted for a long time, but it has been a carefully guarded secret. The big question is whether it will end in chaos or transform in a predictable fashion.

According to my research, a new system that returns the creation of money to the hands of sovereign nations is ready to be implemented.  According to numerous people, this was supposed to happen at various times over the last 20 years, but there have been serious impediments, not the least being the unwillingness of the Old World Order to give up their power.

The global settlements being discussed involve a two-fold process.  The first part is an all-encompassing restitution between the Federal Reserve and various international governments and individuals to address the many complaints of theft of money and resources over the last 50 or more years.  It appears the U.S., or more properly, the Corporation of the United States (not our Republic), is the one making restitution. This massive redistribution of assets is supposed to redress all past negative actions of this Corporation. These amounts will then be used to fund the various Treasuries of more than 140 nations in the world.  This is basically a negotiation between the obscenely wealthy central bank owning families and the rest of the world.  The U.S. Treasury will also be funded to the tune of $6.7 trillion.  The total settlement amount for the world body of 140 countries is thought to be $47 trillion, but some quotes are much higher.

The U.S. will once again be a true Republic, responsible to itself and the people that empower it through the democratic method of voting in elections.  In the past, WE THE PEOPLE have been run by a foreign Corporation that owns us and our labor, a reality that has been quite hidden from the populace.

According to the sources in this article, this comprehensive global restructuring has been difficult to consummate due to its complex nature and its contentiousness.  The only people dragging their feet are naturally the individuals owning and running the central banks. Obama is being counted in this group.  Up until this time there has not been a sufficient impetus to get this job done, but now that the financial system is crashing of its own accord, and the U.S. is saber rattling to create World War III as a means to deflect its financial and spiritual bankruptcy, the 140 nations are pressing hard.

Once these settlements have been put into place, the central banks will fold. Then the second part of the global agreements will be put into place.  This involves the re-valuing of countries in order to obtain their worth based on their assets, primarily precious metals and gold. Other assets such as commodities, oil in the ground, land, real estate, agricultural capacity, industrial ability, educational talent, will be factored in. Once this value is established and agreed upon (this may already be done), this is the amount of money or currency the Treasury of the country can call its own.

The I.R.S. has been illegally taxing the U.S. populace since 1913 when it was formed concomitantly with the Federal Reserve, as a way to guarantee that the debt created by the Fed would be paid. This institution will be reformed in some unknown way.  Also mentioned by the same sources, personal credit card and mortgage debt are likely to remain in place, though it is possible that some debt forgiveness, known historically as a ‘jubilee’, could be enacted later.

How this global financial re-boot will be policed is not certain, but it is likely to be managed and enforced by a new international entity, a type of revamped IMF led by the G-19.  The United Nations will also go through a transformation, as will the World Bank.

All monies will be Treasury money owned by each country and created without debt.  There will be no debt at the beginning of this re-set for any country, until in the new system a mechanism is created to manage this possibility. To get to this new level playing field at the start of this re-set, the U.S. will need to transfer some amount of precious metals, gold and other asserts to balance out its accounts with China.

In the U.S. we will be exchanging our FRN (Fed notes) for Treasury notes, and this will go smoothly. The bills are already printed up – there will be a period of 6 – 12 months that we will be able to exchange these notes on a 1 to 1 basis. After that, the Fed notes will be taken out of circulation. All credit default swaps and derivatives will be considered worthless.  A huge amount of money and overlapping contracts will go away overnight.  There will be a huge amount of collateral damage as all the fake money out in the system evaporates. Supposedly, all 401k monies, bank deposits, and other ‘real’ currency values will be funded with the new Treasury currency.  Equities will take a big hit as the system re-sets, but it is unknown to what degree.

Oil from the Gulf States will no longer be traded in US dollars.  It will be transacted in Iraqi dinars or whatever the new Gulf Coast regional currency will be called. This was always the plan. This is why the Fed/U.S. Corporation had gotten involved in owning and running the Iraqi central bank. They knew that in the future the US dollar would no longer be used in all oil purchases and that its world reserve currency status might end. Controlling the dinar central bank system was a primary purpose for going to war with Iraq. The dinar is likely to soar in value once it gets re-valued as part of the global financial re-sets. The 140-nation consortium, also known as the new G-19 doesn’t want this to happen until the Fed and their OWO masters go down.

Supposedly, China and the old networks of wealthy Asian families that have been operating behind the scenes, have been extremely patient in putting pressure on the OWO.  They don’t want the U.S. Republic to take a big fall, as they need a healthy U.S. economy to continue importing their products. They have no interest in standing by as the U.S. is slowly dismantled financially by the OWO and turned into a third world country.

In this new global era, the dollar may initially drop in value, though it depends on how other currencies fare. Chinese and other Asian produced goods will definitely increase in cost due to the Yuan being revalued upwards. This will create many new jobs in the U.S. as we become internationally competitive again.  China will need to ramp up domestic demand, because the rest of the world will not be soaking up as many Chinese exports.

The US would have become an incredibly wealthy country without the fiat Fed system. It will become wealthy once again in a short time once this terrible debt created charade goes down in flames.  It is unbelievable what a drag on the system this false debt has created. It has been an incredibly evil and greedy act the OWO has perpetrated on human beings. This will be a momentous turning point for humanity, and humans will be able to thrive like never before.


This is the same link appearing in the previous post, Financial Tyranny, by David Wilcock. It is helpful background material: 


This link is Benjamin Fulford’s take on what is happening:


This is the most curious link, an audio file of two people being interviewed in a round table discussion.  It is a very long audio, but you only need to listen to the first hour and a half.  Listening to only 15 minutes will be sufficient to get a healthy reality check that this is not a hoax:



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  1. Tom

    Nice report. About time something like this happened as it is obviously the root of so many problems. Lets hope you are right.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Gary Dempster

    The article leaves out entirely the incredible amount of suppressed technology, and also the incredible waste of government resources on power and control orientations of existing technology, that can all be “re-purposed” to benefit humanity rather than enslaving it. These two areas alone will surely create a massive surge in well being, employment, environmental restoration, and so much more beyond the mere mechanics of the financial system changing, and this to me is the real benefit of the change represented by reformation of the financial system itself. We have so much to gain by this transformation, and everything to lose by clinging to the present system.

  3. Michael~~~~A~~~~!!!!

    I like what I hear so far. My only problem with this is where it says:

    “Also mentioned by the same sources personal credit card debt and mortgages are likely to remain in place, though it is possible that some debt forgiveness, known historically as a ‘jubilee’, could be enacted later.”

    According to what Drake said it those debts would be paid off as part of the plan in action. What’s the point of keeping it in place? Let’s not wait and simply do it all in one shot~! If we’re going to be truly free then take care of this quickly~!

  4. PCMcGee

    As long as you’re revaluing every currency in the world, and wiping out national debts, and arresting all those “bad people”, why not ask the aliens to give us their free energy technology, too? The problem has never been “bad people”, it’s the bad incentives built into a competitive monetary system. Any alien species would look at our primitive social system as but a half-step above outright slavery, as it’s just slavery by obfuscation. I believe none of what I hear from Fulford, Eicke, Jones, et al until it is confirmed as fact. And I don’t see how this story will ever fall into that category.

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