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E.T. Disclosure? 2 Comments Read more »

E.T. Disclosure?

The subject of extra-terrestrial life, UFO’s, and the possibility that alien beings have visited our planet, is society’s electrified third rail. It is a topic that is off limits for most people.  Due to the immense ramifications of the subject, an intense emotional charge shrouds…

Global Settlement 6 Comments Read more »

Global Settlement

This post explores behind the scenes negotiations that are taking place to address our dysfunctional global financial system. Because it is such a game changer, these developments have not yet made it into the general news. This effort has been underway for at least 20…

Financial Tyranny 2 Comments Read more »

Financial Tyranny

This post focuses on an important series of articles appearing on the website,, written by David Wilcock.  On the surface, the subject is about the financial tyranny currently being played out in our society, but it goes much deeper. It is not everyone’s cup…

Collectivism Leave a comment Read more »


This post explores the social and political system called “Collectivism”, which is becoming the dominant organizational structure for society today, courtesy of the elite powers that rule our country.  It is not a new development, but one that has been evolving for many decades –…

False Flags Leave a comment Read more »

False Flags

The phrase, “False Flag” has decisively entered our nomenclature.  This is Wikipedia’s description: “False Flag (aka Black Flag) operations are covert operations designed to deceive the public in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by other entities.…

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