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Sleepwalking or Denial? 2 Comments Read more »

Sleepwalking or Denial?

Merry Christmas, Hanukkah, Solstice, Kwanza, Old Endings, New Beginnings, or whatever moves you to celebration. We are leaving behind the Old World Order and entering something entirely different. What a grand time to be alive!  In the spirit of new beginnings and a fresh start,…

New World Order? 1 Comment Read more »

New World Order?

At the end of the last post we were down a deep rabbit hole exploring various nefarious goings-on in our society.  While we’re still down here and yet to surface into the Light, what else is lurking in the shadows?  I promise we won’t stay…

Nefarious or Diabolical? 1 Comment Read more »

Nefarious or Diabolical?

The previous post ended with my agitating for accountability.  Accountability for what you ask?  In this post it’s about three serious environmental concerns that lie hidden behind the more obvious topics of global warming, over-population, and resource depletion. It is a difficult subject, one of…

A Tipping Point 3 Comments Read more »

A Tipping Point

Following on from the last post, let’s explore the current situation at hand.  Rely on your Buddhist ‘beginner’s mind’ as we go down the rabbit hole. As apparent to all, there are various crises confronting us.  Front and center is a monetary and economic crisis. …

Shaken, and Waking Up 1 Comment Read more »

Shaken, and Waking Up

This post explores a topic that is a hot button for me these days. The Buddhist thread is tenuous at best, but again resonates with what I feel is a central teaching of the Buddha: “question everything!” For me, 9/11 marked the beginning of the…

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