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Taking cues from the last post on young Kalu Rinpoche and reflecting on the changes he is asking for within his tradition, this post explores the tulku system, of which he is a prime beneficiary. This system unique to Tibetan Buddhsim, provides for the continuity…

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Young Rebel

I just completed a weekend program led by the 20 year old Kalu Rinpoche, held at Kagyu Thegchen Ling, the 35 year old Honolulu Shangpa Kagyu Dharma center. Rinpoche has been on a world tour these past two years, and is clearly causing a stir…

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Cutting Through the Underbrush

While preparing a new article to organically follow my last post on the Four Noble Truths, I decided to step back and reflect on what I was experiencing.  I am digging deeper into the current discourse of how Buddhism is intersecting with our modern world.…

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