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The Four Noble Truths - New Insights 4 Comments Read more »

The Four Noble Truths – New Insights

Of all the Buddha’s teachings, the four noble truths are perhaps the best known. They were the Buddha’s first utterance after his enlightenment and spoken to his original five disciples. They are thus at the core of his message that shook the world. The understanding…

Ruminations of a Buddhist Seeker 2 Comments Read more »

Ruminations of a Buddhist Seeker

This post marks the beginning of a new chapter in this blog.  My trip to S.E. Asia earlier this year is fading to the background, and with it many of the Asian Buddhist impressions that influenced my writing. Going forward, I am finding an interest…

Secular Humanism 1 Comment Read more »

Secular Humanism

As secular humanists we have been so successful at stripping away the trappings of ritual and fixed belief systems that I feel we are living in a kind of rarefied vacuum – a refuge where nothing can get to us. We’re proud of our accomplishment,…

Western Buddhism 2 Comments Read more »

Western Buddhism

In trying to articulate an authentic western Buddhist experience, we are doing a lot of head scratching these days. We are thinking and thinking – what to adopt, what to discard? It seems we are entering a new era of critical reflection.  Recent books such…

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