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Dharma Sanctuary Videos

This post highlights sixteen videos now embedded in this web site. Four are from the Kauai stupa project, one is of Kalu Rinpoche’s 18th birthday celebration in Sonada, India in September 2008, and the remaining eleven are from my trip to South East Asia in…

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Temple Building

For many of us western practitioners, a connection to the Buddhist tradition involves a certain longing. The yearning we feel is an emotional urge to deepen our participation.  For me, some part of it is sadness, knowing that I live in a pluralist cultural tradition…

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Chiang Mai, Thailand

This northern Thai city was once a capital of the old Lanna dynasty, with its heyday in the 15th Century. Its history is wrapped up in the drama of its relations with surrounding Thai and Burmese kingdoms, with Ming China demanding tributes for a period.…

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Solo Journeys

While writing about pilgrimage experiences in previous posts (Pilgrimage, Pilgrimage II), I was struck by how personal the process is. We may join others in pilgrimage, but we are following our own path. At its heart this is a solo journey. Traveling alone is a…

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