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Sacred Form – Sacred Space – Sacred Place

This post explores the nuances of the word, sacred, in regards to Buddhist temple sites. It was inspired by Sam Mowe at Tricyle magazine who created an 8 minute video called “Creating Sacred Space – The Birthplace of the Buddha”. You can watch it at:…

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Freedom from Religion

As western Buddhists we often see ourselves as following a higher calling, leaving behind the old religious stereotypes. We feel free from the Judeo-Christian tradition, just like the early Buddhists of India left behind their Brahmanism.  But have we just taken on a new suit…

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Nirvana in Retrospect

After writing a series of blog posts (Buddha Faces,  Are You Connecting, Temple Healing), and listening to Bob Thurman (one of my Dharma heroes) on his pod cast, I came upon a helpful observation.  It has to do with the actual experience of letting go…

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Tidy or Not?

How are you with untidy? Unclean? Unmaintained? If you travel in third world Asia you are confronted by a world that seems to be sprawling everywhere, and it is not an organized sprawl. There are no zoning laws. Everything happens in response to economic necessity…

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Craving to Connect

Traveling in Burma, you are constantly confronted by people who are reaching out to connect with you.  This country has been isolated so long, and has been impoverished to such a degree, that everyone is hungry for basic information and news of a better life. …

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