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An important architectural feature in many Burmese temple complexes is the roofed porticos that lead to the central temple or stupa. There are often four at the bigger complexes, at each of the cardinal directions. They are a type of hallway with high ceilings supported…

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Slow Merge

The Burmese, as well as most Asians have a great flow. Everybody has learned to be patient and tolerant, because the demands on everyone are high. It is all about survival here in the poorer countries, and there is a lot of forgiveness for someone…

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Aesthetic Standards

What are your aesthetic standards? Where is your dividing line between appreciation and the beginnings of disapproval. This review goes on all the time in our minds. Sometimes we don’t even know we are doing it. When traveling we are always making inner comments about…

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For the Burmese, Mahamuni refers to the culture’s most important Buddha image that is currently displayed in Mandalay at the Mahamuni Paya. It has a long history, some say dating back to the time of the Buddha.  This steps into the world of myth, but…

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Temple Healing

This article builds on two previous posts, Buddha Faces and Are You Connecting. The Dharma Sanctuary is contributing to the physical foundation of the Buddhadharma by helping create a temple experience that westerners can resonate with. Because the Dharma is a recent transplant to the…

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